Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giangi e Titta

Giangi was bald, and he took life the way he took everything else: he blinked and immediately thought about something else. To say that he had the attention span of a retarded monocellular organism was pushing it a little, but not so much.

Thanks to Titta, he didn't need to do much. Titta had the capacity to concentrate maniacally until all the stimuli of the external world, indeed all the stimuli altogheter, ceased to exist. Titta had a lot of hair, but he was an albino. From 1987 he was concentrated on solving the toothpaste dilemma.

They were both useless individuals, so the state condemned them to death in 2005, since they could not meet the minimum standard of utilization, as defined in the bill known as "meatmincer", passed in 2003.

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